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Контрольная работа по английскому языку

Сведения о работе:

Шифр работы:376
Наименование работы: Английский язык. Задания
Дисциплина: Английский язык
Вид работы: Контрольная работа
Количество страниц: 6
Год выполнения: 2010
Стоимость приобретения готовой работы*: 10 бел.руб.

* Чтобы приобрести данную работу свяжитесь с нами любым из способов, указанных в Контактах, или укажите ниже Ваш контактный телефон. Мы обязательно свяжемся с Вами

Содержание работы:

1. Выберите правильный вариант:


1. I see ... at the Union every Friday.

2. It’s too dark here. I can’t see ... .

3. The water flowed ... .

4. ... record is scratched and ... is too.

5. Nom lives ... near Toronto.

6. It was a very ... thing.

7. ... exercises are very easy.

8. Can ... help me?


2. Заполните пропуски в предложении следующими предлогами

on, in, at, by, under, to, for


1. The exhibition opens ... 14th October.

2. Every day I go to work ... bus.

3. I am going ... seaside for the weekend.

4. Let’s meet ... the cinema in the evening.

5. Can I do anything ... you?

6. The conference will be held ... October.

7. I dropped the pen ... the table.


3. Употребите выражения в PresentPerfectTense. Переведите предложения на русский язык (письменно)


1. Here are your shoes. I (to clean) them. 

2. It’s the second time I (to see) this film. 

3. Your brother (ever to ride) a helicopter? 

4. It’s the best salad I (ever to eat). 


4. Употребите выражения в PastPerfectTense. Переведите предложения на русский язык (письменно)


1. The letter (to arrive) by the end of the week. 

2. I (not to eat) all day so I was very hungry when I got home. 

3. After the sun (to set) we went home. 

4. Mother (to prepare) dinner by that time?


5. The Function of Law

It is obvious to everyone that in community in which we live, some kind oа law is necessary because every day of our lives we are restrained and guided by law. It protects us while it restricts us. Sometimes it punishes us.

Law can also be defined as a standard of conduct, which regulates the relation of the individual to the central government, the relation of the government to the individual, and the relations among the individuals. If there is a conflict in these relations, the law also provides an institution. So, the scope of the law necessarily makes it complex, and complexity has created the need for specialists, namely a lawyer, whose work is quite diversified. He\she may act as the defense counsel in court, he\she may represent the interests of the plaintiff, the defendant or of the third parties in civil criminal cases.


a defense counsel – защитник

a plaintiff – истец

a defendant – ответчик

a standard of conduct – норма поведения

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